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For aslong as I can remember I wanted to be a physio therapist but due to injury and illness I was not able to get the grades to do this! I have veered on from that now as I design kitchens currently. I have many problems with my stomach and diet and it has made me realise I still love health and fitness - I am wanting to get into nutrition!! I am excited but also scared about this , does anyone have any courses they suggest? :) thanks !!

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over 2 years

Hey follow your dreams cos
Life is too long for what ifs đź’šđź’›

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Sinéad Lyons
over 2 years

Would love to hear what information and pricing you get from IIN if you wouldn't mind passing it on

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over 2 years

Thank you! I have looked at IIN just waiting for a price back so I can start to save !:)

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello lovely, I studied at IIN and it was fab it gives you the qualifications to become a health coach and I now study at cnm naturopathic nutrition which is great too!! I hope that helps and inspires you xx