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I started the programme when it launched and massively fell off it for the past 4 weeks. I feel fat, bloated, irritable and not sleeping. I am back on it in a big way as I want to feel as good as I did after week 1! Kicking off my Sunday with a sunny Sydney bowl. I'm back!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Beautiful dish!! You can do this babe xx

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over 2 years

Well done for getting back to it! I'm starting as well this week so keep us updated- food looks amazing! Xx

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over 2 years

looks lovely x

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over 2 years

Ah don't beat yourself up. Just look forward - never back. You can do it. A few days and you will feel so much better 😘

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over 2 years

Yummy! Looks fab! xx
Oh how I miss eggs 😔 xx

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over 2 years

welcome back! we all do it but its amazing how different you can feel in yourself. keep going!