Just love the stretchy Sunday sessions!It makes me cry!Realising how much of a yang life I lead,which makes it hard and so wonderful to let go.Practising taking everything a bit slower and being kinder to myself.Really looking forward to taking up the challenge of week 3 to walk to work-in a slower pace and gaining a new perspective.
I already cycle most of the time to work,which I enjoy but it has been getting a bit too much with the other exercises as well.So,this week I'm looking forward to taking things slower and allowing change to happen within instead of forcing it.love to you all!What are you guys learning???

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over 4 years

Thank you pincess!!xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

That's beautiful!! So glad you're enjoying it xx

over 4 years

Hey that's amazing. Exactly how I started to feel at week three.
I have learnt not to despise my body and have started to like myself a bit more. I am nice person I just didn't see it.
Well done I am so pleased for you cos I know how it feels to change. Xx