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Hi I'm new to this app and I have just got the "ready steady glow" cook book. I am disparate to try and lose weight and be health but always have my job as an excuse. Does the app really help? I'm just thinking do I spend the £50 or not? Don't really have it spare but if it works I will! I'd be so grateful for honest feed back. Thank you!!

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over 2 years

Thanks ladies. Really means a lot 👌🏼❤️

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Ella Cockerell
over 2 years

It's excellent value for money, you won't regret it. You've got hours of content, 8 yoga classes, 8 meditations, 8 workouts, a yin yoga, some exclusive recipes and access to one of the most inspirational wellness stars of our time. I think it only feels expensive because it's an app, and we are conditioned to think apps are either free or at most £2.99. Don't think of it as an app purchase, and suddenly you'll see what good value for money it truly is xx

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over 2 years

Hey I was the same. It's a really expensive app. I've found it really really worth the money though, you have all these awesome workouts and yoga vids and the recipes. Even if you don't follow the plan set out you still have all the features to use at your leisure and Maddy really knows what she's talking about!

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over 2 years

It's completely changed the way I eat for the better, and to top it off my skin looks so much better, I have lost weight and gained so much more confidence about myself. I'm on the eighth week, with some slip ups, but I'm so glad I bought it as I now feel I have the tools to get to where I want to be. enjoy!

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Jacquie Cox
over 2 years

Definitely splash out in the app - it just makes the whole experience easier / more fun. It's really helped me keep on track and not beat myself up when I slip up

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over 2 years

Defo! Go for it!!!think of it as 1month gym membership but instead you get 2months worth exercise classes you can access for life and soooo much more!!xx

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over 2 years

Best £50 I have ever spent. Well worth it I promise xxx

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Vicki C
over 2 years

Worth every penny! You get so much for your money. It's an investment in yourself. Go on, you're so worth it! Xx

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over 2 years

Thanks very much for all your comments. I shall just get it on pay day and find out myself. Thanks again ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼

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over 2 years

I dithered for a while too but definitely worth it. With being veggie, 2 little ones who vary in what they'll eat and a partner who isn't in to healthy eating I wondered if I'd be able to stick to it. Some meals I replace from Madeline's books and occasionally we might have something else that the kids will eat but even with that and only managing the yoga so far I've lost 6lbs in 4 weeks and feel soooo much better.

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello gorgeous!! So pleased you're thinking of investing g in the app. I promise you will get so much for your money!! It's an app for life with meal plans, shopping lists, personal training and life coaching it really is a holistic program that can definitely help you to lose weight 😘😘

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over 2 years

I dithered for a while too as it seemed expensive but the plan and shopping lists really get you organised so I feel like I'll end up spending less on food in the long run! Plus all the other elements are great xx

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over 2 years

i took ages to decide for the same reason...however i did it and was 50 really well spent
. yoga and meditation were huge for me. do it u wont regret it. you have access to it all after the 8 weeks so its a purchase for life x

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over 2 years

Hello lovely,
I haven't bought the 8 week programme yet as I've got too much going on at home to commit. I do have the 2 books which I use 80-90% of the time and they have made a massive impact. I think if you're looking for more guidance on the exercise and weekly shopping lists, recipes the app will give you that structure.
I hope that helps!
Good luck xx