Hi everyone
I am on work three of the plan and wonder if anyone has any ideas as I am going to a gardening show on Thursday and I just know there won't be anything decent to eat so want to take something healthy with me that is also going to be easy to carry around. Anyone have any ideas please? Thanks. Ange X

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about 4 years

😄thanks to everyone! Some really good ideas, I definitely won't go hungry😄

about 4 years

Great suggestions already, I also like nakd bars to carry around for a nice treat too

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Why don't you double up on dinner from the previous evening and take it in Tupperware for lunch xx

about 4 years

When I'm working and don't have much time,I take a bag of nuts and seeds mix to munch on.A smoothie .carrots and hummus or make a salad with quinoa or brown rice in a tub.
And if I need something sweet but had no time for prepping -an Ombar!xx

about 4 years

I'm a teacher & went on a school trip and made the Asian salmon from week 1 & took it in a Tupperware box. It was so delicious cold- I made sweet potato discs that were really crispy and were lovely with the salmon & green beans. Hope that helps X