A health lunch eaten too early at 11.30 has resulted in an afternoon of uncontrolled (healthy) snacking. Gggggrrrrr. Annoyed with myself for overeating.

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almost 4 years

I think that's great you've kept eating healthy even when having to snack! To be honest I've been adding in the odd banana here and there as a snack because I get really hungry too 🙈

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Don't worry babe, we all have those days! Well done for staying on track with healthy snacks that's amazing! Xxx

almost 4 years

Tiredness and worry were the main triggers I think. And food shopping when hungry - I should know better. You're right, at least they were healthy snacks (nakd bar and plain popcorn and gluten free toast with almond butter). Tomorrow is a new day!

Vicki C
almost 4 years

Go easy on yourself, it happens! Sounds like you had healthy snacks, maybe your body needed the extra fuel today. Tomorrow is a new day, you're doing amazingly xx