Which bread do you buy? I buy Village Bakery Rye Bread but I'd like to try some other recommendations xx

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about 4 years

I prefer sainsburys over biona. Not so dry. Lidl does a good cheap small loaf too

about 4 years

Jacquie - I often slice the bread and freeze it - that way I can take a slice out when I want it. I'd definitely try that if you're not getting through it all.

Thanks for the recommendations of Biona. My pantry is like a Biona shop lol so I'll add some bread to the stash xx

about 4 years

Biona omega seeds - I keep it in a vacuum seal container in the fridge x

Jacquie Cox
about 4 years

I buy the village bakery one too but always end up throwing most of it away despite its pretty long shelf life. I wonder if it freezes well

about 4 years

Have to say village bakery is my favourite but biona is good xx

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

I love Biona xx