Yoga inspo 😍 as much as I would like to say Shona lets do this, she's definitely more flexible than I am 😂 I'll have to settle for a Glow Guides yoga session instead to work on my flexibility...what Glow Guides work out are you doing today? X

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about 4 years

Yoga tonight. I only get to exercise twice a week but really look forward to it. Complete yoga addict, but definitely couldn't do that! Aiming to get back to pre-pregnancy flexibility and strength.

about 4 years

Wow!I would love to be able to do this!!Have just done the yoga week 3 session!Sooo love them!Thank you Madeleine!They are beautiful!😍😍😍

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Amazing ladies!! Love hearing from you xx

Simply Esther
about 4 years

I did the GG week 2!! It was awesome. I do have to say my arms were super sore after yesterday's Circuit that doing today's upward dogs was a little tiring. But overall still gray workout!! 💗💗

about 4 years

yoga! usually do it in morning but hoping that trying it in evening might mean I'm little more flexible! !😊