Hello lovelies! I have finally subscribed and can't wait to start my journey! I have 10 weeks off this summer - so going to fully commit! Any hints and tips?

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over 4 years

Ah brilliant! I'm just on my first week after finally signing up too, really enjoying it! Had a few slips but not going to let that distract me. The food is really great!x

over 4 years

I'm starting this week too! Looking forward to getting started after weeks of trying to decide whether to commit X

over 4 years

Welcome!And enjoy!!!

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

How amazing so excited to have you xx

over 4 years

Yay welcome 🙋
Just stick to it as beat you can but don't beat yourself up for small deviations.
If you have. Treat enjoy it otherwise it's not worth it. The first week is a bit tough as there is sugar withdrawal but after that you will feel amazing which helps you keep on track. Good luck xx