Hello beautiful glow community! My partner has had an accident and broken and dislocated his ankle and torn the ligaments in a surfing accident. Does anyone know any healing bone repairing foods for when he has had his surgery? Was thinking lots of broths, calcium, leafy greens and good organic meat. Any tips for food or of how to help him would be so appreciated as I want to give him the best care I can when he gets home! ❤️

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about 4 years

Thanks for all of your advise! Will have to bring up some delicious glow meals to the hospital- the food he's got there will be making him feel awful as he's so used to eating so healthily- can't see how anyone can get better on chocolate milk shake tinned fruit Mac cheese and white bread for a meal!!! So frustrating!!

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello lovely, I'm so sorry to hear that I hope he feels better soon. Yes lots of calcium and protein to build back up the muscles and repair damage. Think eggs, wild fish, chicken, grass fed meat. Nuts and seeds and lots of green veggies will be great xx

about 4 years

Don't take ibobrufen (I don't know how to spell it!). They were given to my boyfriend when he did the same thing after coming off a skateboard. Only a month later the doctor told him not to take them as they slow down the healing instead of helping! Lots of broth or gelatin xx

about 4 years

Not that I know of I frequently dislocate myself and though there are supplements out there it doesn't fix the problem. But what is good for bone health that's recommended http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/healthy-bones/Pages/food-and-diet-for-strong-bones.aspx

Also will they be providing him a brace after his operation and should be offered him physio therapy