Is anyone else struggling with the workouts? I really want to do them but find it difficult to find the time, I know that's a rubbish excuse! Any tips on how I can fit in 3 or 4 a week? Can I even do that?!? Thank you!

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about 4 years

thanks for the encouragement peeps that really helps :-) thanks maddie I will try that :-) xxx

R M Raithby
about 4 years

I'm struggling too, pleased it's not just me. plus I find it takes me two days to recover from a session. I've been getting up early before the kids wake twice a week to fit in the workouts but I don't do the full 50 mins, only 30 as I'd have to wake at 4am otherwise. then if I have the energy on an evening I'll do yoga on the other days. Keep going! x

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous! You can split the workouts into two shorter periods for the morning and evening. The workouts are challenging so don't feel disheartened if you can't do everything! You will get better with practice definitely and you're body will get stronger and more used to the routines. Lots of love xx

about 4 years

I do 2 yoga a sessions a week in the evening as I can't fit any more in. Seen a difference just with this, although obviously will be quicker result of you do more. You need to be realistic though and not burn yourself out!