Help!! Has anyone had to reduce the amount of food in the plan to help weight loss? I've just weighed myself (last day of week one) and I've gained 2lbs. Apart from not doing the yoga workouts I've been good all week.

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almost 4 years

Yes,been feeling the same!defo put on quite a bit of muscle weight but no fat loss yet.loving the toned muscles but still would like a wee less fat as well!So,yes,am cutting down on food.i found for my constitution the food too much and can't actually eat all of it-as well as struggling with all the food prep-so eating less is also less prep-more time and less fat hopefully!😊

almost 4 years

Hey don't be disheartened. I didn't lose first few weeks either but have lost 2 stone 6 lbs now since January. All will be fine. Try to avoid scales for a bit xxx

almost 4 years

I didn't lose weight for the first few weeks but felt the difference in my mood, skin, energy levels etc. Then my weight came down gradually after that. I usually eat the full portions so I don't crave rubbish at other times of the day. Hope this helps 😁

Gemma Johnson
almost 4 years

unlikely to have gained 2lbs of muscle in a week but unfortunately womens weight can be affected by hormones etc. just focus on how on how you feel rather than starving yourself as it's unhealthy and will only lead to a binge or gaining weight as body will store fat as will go into starvation mode. Keep fueling your body and exercising, you will feel great! throw the scales away! Xx

almost 4 years

Your be gaining muscle fat if your doing those exercises. I lost weight during this plan but I couldn't do the exercises