Hey everyone, starting my first week tomorrow- cannot wait!! Just been shopping and bought bags of kale, spinach etc but I live on my own and the bag sizes are much larger than the weight amount is detailed in the plan. What do other people do? Don't want to throw any away that I don't use. Thanks xx

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almost 4 years

All that stuff can go in a fruit smoothie, lettuce too.xx

almost 4 years

Thanks for the suggestion 😊 I ended up blanching and freezing! First day done yay xx

almost 4 years

Welcome. Above suggestion is what I would recommend. Xx

Jill Jones
almost 4 years

I'm starting tomorrow too! Can't wait ☺️

almost 4 years

You could blanch & freeze 👍 or make spinach bread, kale chips, big batch of soup and freeze it? Welcome to the community! 😀 💞