Hi again lovelies,
I'm returning to week 1 of the plan. I made it to week 4 a month or so ago and then fell totally off the wagon with work events, working away and being unable to prepare food and then a holiday. But now it's time to get back on board and get properly summer ready. I've got a goal in mind for my holiday later in the year and hoping to get there sensibly and gradually with glow guides. Who's with me at week one? Xx

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about 4 years

I'm will be starting next Sunday. Would love to follow those who are starting then 😀🎉🎉

about 4 years

I will be starting again Sunday July 10th. This weekend is my birthday plus out of town. Beat of luck to you!!

about 4 years

I'm with you! 😊👍

about 4 years

Haha I've just started week 1! Sweat fest after the workout today 😂 good luck xx

Vicki C
about 4 years

Glad I'm not the only one, ladies! I made it to week 5 about a month ago and it fell apart from there. Determined to get back into it but have a very busy 3 weeks ahead with work travel etc. All the best xx

about 4 years

Im with you, I made it to week three! Been planning to restart for a while. Now seems a good time- must buy a bench this time though...