Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life ✌🏼️ today's meditation inspiration ❤️ who's kicking off this week with good vibes? Comment below xxx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years


over 4 years

Really needing it after these last few weeks we've had of the Florida shootings and now the EU referendum 😞 and getting a cold.
Following your 10 commandments this week to pull myself out of this negative rut.

over 4 years

Definitely! I always try to treat Mondays as a mini New Year😂 Forget everything I didn't achieve last week because today is a fresh start!

over 4 years

I can be quite negative.

over 4 years

Deffo Maddie - loving life thanks to you and the glow gang xxx

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

I wish! I'm drowning in full time work and study 😢😢😢

Lorraine Duffin
over 4 years