Hi Everyone,been quiet because it's been so busy and am on week 5 and had quite a few slips this week,as I felt so exhausted trying to fit everything in...and a bad period.am determined to not let it slip further and missed only one exercise class.However I'm really struggling finding the right balance.Cooking and prepping the meals with my crazy work schedule has actually been really stressful.And I have been feeling so bloated with digestive issues as well as a rash I never had before since starting to be super healthy again even before glow guides-it's really frustrating me,as I'm doing all of this to be and feel well and healthy-and my health seems to be worse.the only positive is I have gained in muscle tone and strength from the exercises.
Anyone else struggling with similar issues?How do you cope and organise yourself???🤔

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almost 4 years

Thank you Ladies!!!Will try the batch cook & freeze!I have been making quick smoothies and throwing together a quick salad in the mornings to take to work instead last week for breakfast and lunch,which worked too-just wasn't the exact recipes,but at least still healthy.As had no time or energy to batch cook working through the weekends as well as some nights and a few social commitments...and trying to get some of my own projects done..
Yes,important to practise kindness to oneself and listen to our bodies.Must learn that I'm not just a machine and even machines break!Lol!!
Love & Light xxxx

almost 4 years

Don't put pressure on yourself to do everything cause you'll then feel worse if you can't for whatever reason. I do my prep for the week Monday night and whatever doesn't get done in those few hours is tough I always try to have a batch of healthy food in the freezer (some things from the app freeze well) for days when it's all gone to pot and can't cook a full meal from scratch. I find that really helps. If I feel too exhausted or can't prioritise a workout it just doesn't get done and I do it another day. I tell myself the exercise will make me feel better but actually someways a bath or an early night will do more good. It's important to pay attention to mental health as well as physical. Hope things feel easier soon x

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hello gorgeous, so sorry you're feeling like this! Use your weekends to prep for the week I love to take a couple of hours on a Sunday to batch cook and freeze. You can do a huge roast and save the rest for the week. Also make sure you're taking some time for yourself to relax try the yoga and meditations to keep in the moment. This will also help your digestion xxx

almost 4 years

Ah poor you. I try to batch cook at the weekend as most meals freeze really well. The rash could be stress couldn't it. I think you just have to try to do what you can otherwise you lose the whole ethos.
Be kind to yourself I'm sure it will all fall into place. Hugs xxx