Help! Have been off programme for 10 days. Need all your help to keep an eye on me please 😀 going to Wimbledon tomorrow and then a weekend with my family - lovely as they are, they will sabotage my efforts to lead a healthier life ! Want to be back in it with all of you by Sunday night

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Jacquie Cox
about 4 years

Thank you all for the encouragement. Had a great weekend and ready to start the week anew 😀

Ella Cockerell
about 4 years

Wimbledon is a huge treat, enjoy it! Make sure you have plenty of strawberries!! Xx

about 4 years

Have fun!

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Enjoy Wimbledon!!! Xxx

about 4 years

Hey don't worry 😊. Enjoy Wimbledon - do what you can and we will all be here from Sunday 👍xx

Gemma Johnson
about 4 years

Wimbledon sounds fab, enjoy! It is definitely harder to stay healthy while others indulge just try make healthy options but don't be deprived so if you fancy champagne for example at Wimbledon ;)