any one suffering with really bad indigestion! 😥

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Hi Nicolou, if you're suffering from indigestion try to chew your food more, eat sitting down and fermented foods such as miso are great. Also lemon, ginger and apple cider vinegar can all help with indigestion. Let me know if that helps 😘

Tiffany Topol
almost 4 years

Try some ginger tea - that always helps me when my tummy feels off!

almost 4 years

I was a bit bloated, but settled down now. I started on Friday. Think I took a couple of days to get used to the increased veg..stick with it, it gets better 😃

Eva Mayer
almost 4 years

I have it,too. I think it is from the onions...

almost 4 years

Yes very bad stomach ache - had it last night and again this afternoon

almost 4 years

I had a bit after eating the date & almond ball......

almost 4 years

glad it's not just me then! peppermint makes it worse.

almost 4 years

Yep, shocking tummy ache !

almost 4 years

Peppermint tea helps...... If you like it that is...

almost 4 years

No but I'm suffering from a headache today, prob lack of sugar. I think the change of diet will give us a few side effects the first week but should disappear after that x