I finished 4 weeks ago. I've been broadly applying the principles since finishing, but have had a couple of boozy nights, a holiday and have struggled to do as many workouts as I would like, being busy with work. Just did my once a month weigh and measure, put on a pound but more importantly all measurements stayed exactly the same! Just goes to show that the scales mean very little and this lifestyle, even when disrupted at times, is the best way to maintain healthy weight and balance! The main thing is that I automatically make healthier choices now, keep the sugar out and do my meditation, and I feel so much better for it. Keep going glow girls, you won't look back! Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Amazing babe!! Xx

about 4 years

So good to hear! Thanks for sharing and well done!

about 4 years

Amazing!!Well done!And Thank you for the inspiration!xxx

about 4 years

Wow well done and what a nice post 😊xx

about 4 years

Thanks for the inspiration!

Gemma Johnson
about 4 years

wow so refreshing to see someone not obsessing about their weight but making a maintainable lifestyle change! you are fabulous Xx