What does everyone do if you get bought chocolates for birthdays etc? I've had a couple of boxes bought for me, ones I love too. I know I can make them last a couple of months, or should I just 'donate' them to someone else??

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about 4 years

I got given some by kids I work with recently. Kept a small box of my favourite ones and gave the rest away or kept in my 'presents to regift' box ready for the next occasion I've forgotten to buy something for someone!

about 4 years

If you have loads (and no self control like me!) then take them into work and share them - makes everyone happy! But save some for yourself too ☺️ xx

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Up to you lovely, if you want them then please enjoy them as that's what birthdays are all about xx

about 4 years

Mmm difficult one as they were a pressie but I did give mine away that way the temptation isn't there. Happy birthday xx