Hi! I'm nearly at the end of my first week! Loving it. However housemates and I are throwing a summer cocktail party tomorrow night for our classmates which has been on the cards for months. I'm in charge of food and in a conundrum about what to do. Any ideas as to a not too crazily sugar ladened table? Thanks! Xx

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about 4 years

Thanks so much! Got the homemade hummus, guac & loads of veggies going as well as some roast chicken - thanks so much for the help! Looking forward to starting week 2! Xx

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hey babe why not batch cook your favourite recipes in the meal plans. I love having lots of sides and salads to add on. Maybe a roast chicken with the red onions? Or lots of miso salmon xx

about 4 years

Make sugar free cocktails with fresh fruit!sugar free pimms!Vodka,soda and lime.
Sugar free mojitos!you can mix it with some green tea too and if you need a bit of sweetness-use the healthy alternative-like at argave syrup or coconut sugar in less quantities one would usually use.Also a summer smoothie with a shot of vodka.
As for food!lots of healthy salads and hummus and crudities.wheat free crackers or rice cakes-you can make it healthy and delicious and fun!!!đź‘Ť