Hi all, hope ur having a restful weekend! I've just completed week 1, no sugar cravings at all which is amazing! Normally a chocoholic. Workouts hard - had to sit out some and did 25 mins some days but still exercising every day so hope it will get easier? Struggled with early nights as up later trying to fit in workouts/cooking etc so quite tired 😴 Also shopping is said to cost around £40 week - just done week 2 shop (Tesco) & was around £60 both weeks - tried to get cheap where poss & deducted any non glow items so def. bit more pricey than expected! Any suggestions on how to make it more affordable - where is everyone else shopping? Overall really impressed, was dreading the meals but have enjoyed so far and feel much calmer, also lost 3llb this week!! just need to get price of shopping down and try to fit it all in and get to bed before midnight so is maintainable! Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks! 😊

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Jess Simons
almost 4 years

Hey Sarah! Would it work if you try splitting the workout up and doing half before work, and half in the evening? And yeah I think based on previous programmed I've done that the first week is a bit more expensive because you have to load up on spices etc, but you don't have to buy them the next time around! Hope it all evens out 😊 have a great week!

almost 4 years

Thanks! Is nice to know it's not just me lol! Won't beat myself up too much about not doing a full 45 mins then! Good point becky - if I'm not buying junk food and take out etc then is prob not so bad when u look at it that way! Def. gna try freeze left overs as well so don't waste! Totally agree re meditation and yoga - really love the stretchy Sunday's then a good brekky = bliss 🙅🏻🔮🍳👌🏼

almost 4 years

hi.....I alternate my shop between Asda and Sainsbury's and have found its normally on or not far off £40, also some ingredients in list are repeated each week but don't necessarily need bought again if you still have left from previous week.......I manage 30min exercise per day (most not all days!) and love the yoga and meditation so try to just do that if I can't squeeze in exercise.....overall feeling calmer and fitter. hope this helps x

almost 4 years

I shop with ocado and my shop is a bit more expensive. Cutting the junk etc I found eventually evened out the cost of the shop. I also find buying bigger packets and storing/freezing helps as it's often cheaper. I struggle to do the full workouts around work so i do 30min ones. I downloaded the 7 min work out app which is HIIT and circuit, warm up, 3 circuits and cool down makes the 30mins.