Just finished my first workout - can I go back to bed now?! Loved the Stretchy Sunday session but had issues with the pose bending back over the pillows - any tips to modify this in stages so I can hopefully be doing it properly by the end of the 8 weeks?

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almost 4 years

Thanks! Need to practice the kneeling part first and then work on bending back - this is what happens when you sit at a desk all day haha! x

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hello lovely well done!! Yes it can be a bit uncomfortable but practice is great it will get easier and more comfortable xx

almost 4 years

I find this hard too even after 8 weeks. I put my cushions in front of my sofa so when I lean back my head and shoulders are on the sofa and the cushions are supporting my mid and lower back and under my bum. Only way I can relax in this pose.