Hi all! What's the consensus on coffee? Particularly if you usually add a sweetener.. I have been buying my usual daily soy latte out of habit and only just had the thought that I potentially shouldn't be.
Are people cutting it out or still having it?

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about 4 years

Maybe give rice-coconut a try, because it is naturally already quite sweet

Jess Simons
about 4 years

Thanks girls, yeah good point about my beloved soy milk - will give almond milk a go instead!

about 4 years

One cup before midday, good quality organic coffee. As far as I know soy milk is not too healthy... ☕️ Why don't you try other milk alternatives and see if you like any? 😀

about 4 years

I have a cup a day in the morning

about 4 years

Good quality coffee try avoid soy though but in morning