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Gym bag packed ready for this evening. Feel energised. It's great having this community to bounce ideas off. Anyone else working out tonight instead of this morning? X

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Claire Martin
almost 3 years

Yes I did it on return from work, it was fast as other said but ok once going... Felt I'd earned my dinner!!

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almost 3 years

Yep me too! I would have to get up at 4:30 if I wanted to work out! Err no thanks 😳😆

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almost 3 years

I just tried to workout at the gym....big mistake. No space!! 🙈🙈

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Lynn Marie Thomas
almost 3 years

I'm in the 8 pm posse too! Good luck!

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almost 3 years

Me too - just about to do it now! A little nervous as very unfit!!!

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almost 3 years

Yep me I'll be working out tonight

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almost 3 years

Meeee! I was supposed to do it this morning but had an alarm malfunction so doing I when I get in from work!

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almost 3 years

Yes! When the kids have gone to bed so around 8pm!

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almost 3 years

yep working out tonight good luck