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Ended up being persuaded to go to the pub last night - only two glasses of red but really lacking in energy today! Anyone else get terrible guilt after drinking? Seems to be getting worse as I get older!! Still, letting it go, pulling on my gym kit and getting ready for workout B! ✨👊🏻

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over 2 years

Just enjoy it and drink lots of water too👍 I'm learning to drink in moderation rather than cut out completely. Try not to feel guilty - sounds like you're doing great 👌👌

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over 2 years

It's end of term for me. The only way I'm not having wine is if you get it out of my cold dead hand!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Don't feel guilty babe!! Amazing you're still working out xx

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over 2 years

U could always make them think your drinking having water with lemon in

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over 2 years

Agreed - workout B is done and I made it through! Thanks Jenny! X

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over 2 years

I completely agree! I'm trying to not give myself blame or guilt when I enjoy a drink as all in balance but failing terribly with the guilt! Workout B done for today though so even with a cheeky drink we're still smashing it :)