Hi guys & Maddy, I've recently started to have really low energy especially first thing in the morning. I finished the 8 weeks and now make my own meal plans using a mix of Maddy's recipes and a few others. I'm wondering if I'm going wrong with my lunch & evening meals as I tend to pick low carb recipes. I have overnight oats or rude health bircher/muesli with almond milk and fruit every morning. I never skip meals and work out about 3 times a week. Should I increase my carbs? Or take supplements? Wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks! 😘

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about 4 years

I find I need to add in more food when fatigued

about 4 years

Thanks ladies 😘

about 4 years

Hi, I know myself that when I get stressed out at work or have late nights I suffer from fatigue - could it be ur burnt out or are u sleeping enough? Maybe don't be so hard on yourself, have a few early nights and try to focus on relaxing - your body obvs needs it. Also I get really tired just before am due on my period, so may be hormonal? Sounds like ur pretty healthy - well done on sticking to it after 8 weeks!! I've heard matcha tea / lattes Are great for energy in morning and lemon essential oil too! Hope that helps! ✨💕🌈

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous! Congrats on finishing! I recommend adding in some healthy snacks xx