My take on tonight's salmon. I had avocado with my lunch so had some courgetti and pak Choi with my salmon. I roasted some carrots with my sweet potato too. I have prepared a snack of nuts, coconut yogurt, blueberries and some oats to have later. Sends me off to sleep nicely. 3 meals a day is not enough for me so some healthy snacks with healthy meals mean I am on top form. Does anyone else have this approach, especially if your active like me? X

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Hi there! It's nice to see that I am not the only one snacking! Healthy snacks of course ☺️ Otherwise I am starving and become 😁😁😁😁😤😤😤 ! Xxx

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@frances33 thank god someone is with me. I was doing this plan just to feel good and enjoy good food, I didn't want to loose weight and after finding out it is about 1400 calories a day I will defiantly need my healthy snacks. I tend to go for a bulky smoothie after the gym in the morning and then my coconut yougurt, nuts, oats and berries about 1.5 hours before bed. I sleep like a baby having that 😜

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I'm with you, I have to have 2 snacks (healthy obviously), I won't be able to function.

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I would have liquid based foods between meals like smoothies there quite filling