Hi all I've been awol lately but I'm still here. Enjoying all of your posts. I'm on holiday with my partner and our children, 6 and 8. Loving the sunshine, pool and beach. Anyone got any tips on good easy things to eat while away. I hadn't realised
How fussy I have become since I've cut out/down on sugar and wheat. Xxx

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almost 4 years

Think I'm back in the zone, just enjoyed a delicious spinach omelette. Going to hunt out some local fruit and veg today. Thanks for your help xxx

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Looks great!! Fresh seafood, fish and local veggies is great! And lots of yummy fruit xx

almost 4 years

Oooh lucky you. Barbecues, salads, roasted veg, brown rice, houmous, grilled halloumi, prawns yum. I'm hungry now lol. Have fun xx

almost 4 years

Salads! 😀