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I'm about to go LIVE. So excited to do my first QnA.

Sign up as a premium user and I'll answer your questions.

See you soon. X

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Helen Marshall
almost 3 years

How do you sign up as premium? X

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almost 3 years

Any chance the live stream will be available to watch if we missed it?

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Von Tivey
almost 3 years

Great! Thanks 😀

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almost 3 years

Thanks LaurenD.... I found it, its not there yet but at least now i know i can keep an eye out....... X😀

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almost 3 years

If you click on Glow Guides Programme in the menu and then scroll all the way to the bottom, all the live streams will be available there once they have been uploaded 😘

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almost 3 years

Yes maddie said we can! At the bottom of the programme there's the icon "live streams". I don't know if its there yet but her first one is :)

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Von Tivey
almost 3 years

I missed it to 😢

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almost 3 years

Is there's the possibility of watching the stream somewhere? I missed it cause of work :/

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almost 3 years

Madeleine do u have a gluten free rye bread recipe that's nice tasty that millet gluten free rye bread is horrible otherwise I use your quinoa gluten free bread a go

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almost 3 years

I know this was probably answered in the live stream, but I missed half of it! May be someone can help me out. Can we watch the whole thing somehow?

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almost 3 years

Thanks for the live stream.. helps so much with the motivation! 😀

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almost 3 years

So, so impressed with the app! Great value and loving all the meals, workouts, yoga and meditations - feels like such a supportive community too :D

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Frances Newton
almost 3 years

Loved the live stream!! Thanks X

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almost 3 years

Great q&a Madeleine! You have put so much effort into this app - love it!