So I am so excited to have found this!😃 It's right up my street, and I really need it at the moment been feeling so tired and generally horrible. However, I'm really keen to find a way of doing things that is sustainable and eating two separate dinners to the fella every night, plus two separate loads of wash up and groceries is likely to be a stumbling block. Does anyone have tips on how to make this work nicely with two people for dinners? Do the meals adapt nicely to 3 portions instead of two. I would be SO grateful

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Yes this will work xx

over 3 years

Wow that's excellent Shauna.LD and Tiredattwo. So delighted to hear that. I can't make him eat sweet potato but apart from that....Now I'm really jazzed to get going 😃

over 3 years

I'm using the recipes to feed other half and 6 year old and with the occasional adjustment everyone is happy. I double the recipe and bulk out with either extra veg or extra carbs for the others!

over 3 years

My hubbie eats the same dinners as me, I just give him double the portion so have to double all the recipes. It works well, he feels he's getting lots of food but has managed to lose a stone!