I am a very bad glow girl!!!! Three evenings on the trot of drinking farrrrr too much. And I'm off to a wedding today... on four hours sleep... 😁😁 My body already hates me today and is going to hate me even more after tonight!!!!!
But we let it go don't we ladies? We don't beat ourselves up - instead we gently put ourselves back on the right track!
Wish me luck today - it's a good friend's wedding and I'm playing the violin! And then tomorrow, I'll refocus on the glow!
Happy Saturday 💖✨

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almost 4 years

That's the spirit! Enjoy xxx

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

It's ok lovely, enjoy it xx

Jenny Quinn
almost 4 years

Enjoy yourself!!! Plenty of time to get back in to the glow xx

almost 4 years

Ah wow good luck lovely. I've drunk too much all week. It's when the weather is sunny I can't resist a g & t.
Have fun 😊xxx