Morning one, and I've had my hot water and lemon. Can someone explain the benefits of the turmeric milk. Mine was palatable but not to my taste this morning, do people continue for the health benefits or because they learn to love it?

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over 3 years

I must admit I really love the taste it the turmeric milk! I had started taking it before I started the glow guides because I had heard so much about the health benefits of it. I had pneumonia twice in a year and every time I came across a cold it would last for at least a month which was really frustrating! I can't say whether it has anything to do with turmeric or not but I have not had even a sniffle since I started so I keep taking it just in case!! Pukka do a nice turmeric tea which you might like better than the milk, so that could be worth a try, good luck ❤️

Jess Simons
over 3 years

Both! You get used to the taste and the health benefits are worth it. Give it a week and re-assess would be my advice!

Jenny Quinn
over 3 years

I'm not sure on this either so intrigued by the replies. I never really enjoyed it xx