Does anyone here travel a lot? I'm worried that I'll lose what I've gained physically because of a lack of exercise/time during travel. I know I should enjoy the experience, however am wondering what you guys do to keep yourselves fit/toned when short for time and space!

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almost 4 years

Thank you for your comments!
DariaN you have totally put my mind at ease! Perspective is everything and your comment has made me feel a whole lot more relaxed!

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Yes you can watch glow guides videos in your hotel room and if short for time just cut them in half xx

almost 4 years

I've just bought the programme and it looks like these work outs are really flexible and they are on an App so you can just do them whenever

almost 4 years

I travel a lot and I just try to chill. If you stress about workout, you miss all the fun. Years from now you won't remember the gym you visited at your hotel, the only thing that will count are all the good memories you'll make. Having said that, I walk EVERYWHERE when on holidays. I walk about 10-15 miles per day (I do this because I thoroughly enjoy it) and I stretch or do a 5 min yoga workout in the morning.

Elena Gontarz
almost 4 years

Pinterest has loads of short workouts for various and all body parts. I personally though run when I am away. That keeps the body in at least decent condition. 💪🏻😜

almost 4 years

12 min athlete app

almost 4 years

7 minute work out app is good. For short hard workouts.

almost 4 years

The bodycoach has good short workouts on YouTube X