My partner always suffers badly with bloating during and after a holiday. He's got it now poor love. His tummy is all blown out. I think it's the change in diet, eating late, and too much bread and fizzy drinks. I know some of you have the same can you advise? About 10 years ago he had an endoscopy which came back with nothing and he was given the diagnosis irritable bowl. Thanks you!

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hello lovely, if he was l adding a healthy lifestyle with food etc then introducing foods like thAt back again is bound to make him bloated. I recommend lots of water, lemon and exercise xx

almost 4 years

Thanks Emma, he's drinking a lot of water today so hopefully that will help

Emma Rhynas
almost 4 years

Sounds like a change in diet to me but I'm not an expert. Can also be caused by increased alcohol consumption and holidays and also dehydration