Glow girlies need your advise on how to stay positive and calm in situations out of my control. When something is out of my control I find it very anxiety provoking. My mum is heading in for a hysterectomy on Thursday in the hope of stopping high risk cells from developing into cancerous ones. It's very likely she will need further treatment after it. I feel like I'm being useless. I'm obviously being there for her and doing what I can. But I just wish there was more I could do for her. I'm finding it so tough because there's not alot I can do and it's so up in the air

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about 4 years

So many good thoughts here. Had and having same situation. Be kind to her and, importantly, be kind to yourself. She will feel better knowing you're OK. Spoil her. Be there. You're doing all you can and it's one day at a time xxxx

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Lots of love coming your way!! Try to remain in the moment take it day by day and meditation cab be powerful xx

about 4 years

Wishing you and your mom the very best for Thursday and the future. The gang above have given some great advice, I don't think I could add anything, but I do know very well the worry associated with an I'll parent. Just take one day at a time, otherwise things can seem a little overwhelming x.

about 4 years

Try the headspace mindfulness app can't recommend it highly enough the first 10 days are free xx

about 4 years

Hi Morglow
Poor you and I wish your mum all the best and a speedy recovery.
What you also need to do apart from amazing advice above is remember your thoughts are just that - thoughts.
So if your mind is racing and become ing anxious of what might be - remember they are just your thoughts, not facts. Your mum probably thinks your being a great support and is so grateful to have a daughter like you.
The hysterectomy will be fine and it's a way to get her better not make her worse. Whatever happens it's to help her and if she needs treatment further it will be the same.
Keep in the present and stop trying to think what will happen in the future. Do what you can and give her loads of love and positive energy and it will all come right back to you. Big hugs - you have a lovely heart. XXXX

about 4 years

Thank you ladies for such amazing advise x

about 4 years

I'm sorry to hear about your mum. When I'm anxious about something I try to keep busy, making lists of things I can do. Maybe ask your mum what jobs you can do for her while she is recovering (washing, cleaning etc) and put a little plan together. Remember to look after yourself too - eat well and rest. Hope your mum gets on OK, she is a lucky lady to have such a caring daughter đź‘Ťđź’ž

Emma Rhynas
about 4 years

Hi Morglow, firstly I wish your mum well in her forthcoming operation and pray it is successful.

It is completely normal to feel the way you do, and whilst you are doing everything you can for her, you also need to realise that having a parent in such a situation will rock the very core of your being. Therefore take time for you and be kind to you too, especially things that you link back to your childhood as your anxiety may be caused by your 'infant' self effectively having an anxiety attack because your mum is a key figure in your life. Take time to talk to your 'infant' self and remind her that it will be ok, and whatever the route looks like your adult self will walk it with your 'infant' self.

I do hope some of this helps, if not put it down to my early morning musings.

Bless you X