I’m teaching a series of yoga classes to celebrate the Glow Guides X Uniqlo Summer Series at the Uniqlo Flagship store rooftop on Oxford Street. The class is for beginner and intermediate levels (but everyone welcome!) After the class, I'll be holding a 15 minute Q&A.

Registration is now open on the Uniqlo website for the second class on 18th August from 7.30am-8.30am (click the image to go there!)

If you can't get to the class, enjoy my yoga classes here in the app this summer if you haven't purchased the programme yet, get 30% off on the Glow Guides website www.glowguides.co.uk

Big kiss, Madeleine xxx

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almost 4 years


almost 4 years


almost 4 years

This is exciting news! :) I have the app but haven't bought the package yet but would love to - I can't seem to login to buy it & make the most of the 30% celebratory discount (sorry if I'm being silly). Will I need to set up a brand new account? Thanks 💜🌺