Hi everyone, I am on week 5 but been struggling to fit all in with work etc so just sticking to food plan at mo & hoping to add in some exercise as of next week, however noticed that since started having the Saurkraut, initially was a bit 'windy' and as week progressed, bit 'squiffy' for want of a better word lol (soz) is this normal at this stage / any relation to the Saurkraut or could it be I'm not getting enough fibre etc from meal plan? Anyone else noticed any changes at this stage or is it just me? Do I need to change my diet (following app food plan) or is this normal? Appreciate any feedback! Thanks X

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Hello lovely sauerkraut is great for your gut as its fermented it could be your body getting used to the change in diet. Keep at it and if in a couple of days you still feel this way you can stop eating the sauerkraut and see how that helps xx

Emma Rhynas
over 3 years

No idea but I'm in week one and I'm praying that side of things settles down soon