Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great week. 😊

I don't like posting things like this, but I could do with a bit of a boost. I did the full 8 week food plan a while back and afterwards I stuck with the recipes and added in some from the "Glow" books, as well as having some of my old (but not overindulgent!) meals with my partner. I was so proud and it really helped me in a number of ways. Recently, though, my eating has become really bad. Worse than it ever was! I think it's sheer laziness; I just can't seem to get myself motivated. The exercise side of things is pretty much non-existent as I get up for work at 5am and by the time I get home it's around 7. 30pm and it's straight to cooking dinner and then off to bed.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can get back on track? My body desperately needs this, but I can't get my mind on it!

Apologies for the long post and well done to all of you. You are all doing so well. 😘

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Susan McGarrigle
almost 4 years

Totally with you Danielle. Through the kids summer hols I have totally fallen off the wagon, piled on the pounds and feel 'yuk' again. I know that's not inspiring, but just hope it makes you feel you're not the only one it has happened to. My kids are back to school next week so I'm planning on getting back on plan next week. Will get back to meal planning and prepping, meditation and some exercise when I can fit it in. Oh and laying off the g&t's! Think forward thinking and preparation is the key. Good luck X

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Don't beat yourself up about it, it sounds like you've been very busy! Ease yourself back into the workouts and plan ahead. Incidental exercise is great if you're lacking time; walk to work, take the stairs and doing household chores. Be positive babe 💚

almost 4 years

Try not feel guilty or be hard on yourself - think this happens to us all 💛
I agree with sabwade83 make overnight oats for breakfast & it starts your day off right. Make your meal plan & only buy the food you need for it. As for exercise anything is better than nothing even just a 10 min yoga session xx

almost 4 years

I've had a couple of weeks like this recently. Managed to get myself back on plan foodwise. I had got out of my routine at breakfast and everything went downhill from there!! I found that making overnight oats has helped get me back into prep mode but also start the day off well. Also I keep some quick frozen options on standby for when I can't be bothered cooking. Ocado do hake fillets which can be cooked from frozen. I have been roasting batches of veggies in the evenings for throwing quick salads together with spinach & tomatoes. Hope you get back into it soon, totally know how u feel xxx

almost 4 years

I find planning my meals, writing them down and only ordering the food I need for those meals is the best way. I think it's fair to stay we have all come off the wagon at some point. Try some positive affirmations to help motivate you as well! Xxx