Hello Glow Girls,
I've been using the two books for over a year now and absolutely LOVE so many of the recipes from them. I've just got back from a holiday, and decided to sign up to the plan to help get me back on track but just had a couple of questions...
1) do you drink the turmeric milk before or after the morning workout?
2) are the recipes interchangeable with those in the book? (I don't know if I can go 8 weeks without my favourites!)
Thanks in advance!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

You can drink the turmeric milk at any time of day, ideally in the morning. Of course they are! As long as you are swapping main meals for main meals, snacks for snacks, etc 😘 x

over 3 years

Hi welcome
The turmeric milk can be drunk anytime of day but maybe not just before exercise as will be swishing about in your tum.
Make the plan to suit you - whatever works. No real hard and fast rules although the plan is meant to be a complete life plan but whatever makes you happy 😊