Hey everyone, I've been doing lots of glow guides workouts last week and yesterday but today I woke up with the worst lower back pain! Anybody any idea what I can do to help? I am not prone to any back problems. I could possibly have pushed my body to hard to fast. Any help would be appreciated, I'm just taking some ibroprofen at the moment xx

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over 3 years

Thanks so much for the advice ladies xxx

Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Take it easy for a few days, and make sure you're really engaging your core when you're doing the exercises. Also make sure that you're doing the easier variation - if you feel like you're pushing yourself too hard just ease yourself back into it. I love magnesium oil when j have sore muscles xx

over 3 years

I find magnesium oil great for sore muscles! There's a spot around my shoulders that acts up frequently on me, but at the moment a few sprays of magnesium oil before bed is really helping. Hope it eases up really quick!

over 3 years

Ouch maybe too much to start off with. Ibuprofen is pretty good as is anti inflammatory. Epsom salt baths too. Ice 15 mins twice a day if you can pinpoint the exact area. When it gets a bit better maybe just yoga for a bit xxx wish you better