Hi all
I've been doing this since January but have somehow missed the pho soup. I thought I'd make it tonight.
The pic has salmon in it but can't see it in the recipe. Are the eggs instead of the salmon?
Thank you 💛

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almost 4 years

Hi ladies sorry for late reply.
Yes rv_2016 I repeated a couple of times and now I just follow half plan and half from maddies book and some deliciously Ella recipes too. I think I have just changed the way I eat totally and try to keep with the principles of the plan. Have to say I feel the beat I ever have ☺️.
Thanks Susan X
Hi Lithie, yes it was yummy. I can't stand pak choi so that's why I never made it so I just added Spring greens this time. I really liked it. Would be better with the salmon tho lol xxx

almost 4 years

Yes, that's it, the salmon was from the night before. If you look at the meal plan it's in there. Very confusing though! What was yours like. I think I'll have that again this week. Yum

Susan McGarrigle
almost 4 years

I think (also casting my mind back to January 😂😂) the salmon was left over from the night before's meal. Must get round to making that again as it was delish!!

almost 4 years

Hi pincess! I haven't made that either but great work on doing this since January - what an inspiration.☺️Did you start with the 8 week glow guides and repeat it? I'm really keen to find out as I too would like to continue on with this.xxx