Okay girls, confession - I fell off the wagon after a big holiday and I am struggling to get back into it. I would have been up to Week 3 by now... I'm wondering whether I should start all over again at Week 1 next week, or get stuck in to Week 4? I've been missing meditations, workouts, everything 😞 any thoughts appreciated! Xx

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about 4 years

Pick up where you left off. You can do it. Make it work for you xx

Jess Simons
about 4 years

Thanks so much ladies, really appreciate the advice and encouragement! Xx

about 4 years

Hey Jess, i know exactly how you feel as I did the same thing a few weeks ago! I started where I left off and within a day I was right back on it! Go for it! You can do this! X

about 4 years

I think if it were me I would start where I wanted to start. Remember this isn't a challenge to complete all 8 weeks perfectly, but rather as a structure to help integrate this way of eating/moving/being into our lives permanently. So food wise and meditation wise I think pick up wherever you like! iIf you don't want to repeat week 1don't coz that might seem like a punishment. That said, you might be better off backtracking a little with the exercise, you don't want to jump into something too tough!