I know it's only Day 5 of my Glow Guides journey but I'm still super proud of myself for making it to Friday without sugar 🙈😅 Usually I've given into at least a slab of chocolate by now when I've tried to cut it out previously. Having everything planned out, the workouts, the meditations, all of you - it helps so much! And I'm super happy I've been introduced to roasted cauliflower now because dinner was delicious. Hope everyone has had a great week so far xx

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over 3 years

Well done lovely 💛

Jo B-N
over 3 years

Wow. I am starting the glow guide tomorrow. It is fab to see you do so well

over 3 years

Thanks Vicki ❤️😁

Vicki C
over 3 years

Yay! Well done you 🙌🏻