So something very strange happened to me today and I thought I'd share in case it happens to anyone else 😅 My toner has been drying my skin so I turned to coconut oil to clear impurities from my face and add a bit more moisture. This morning I woke up and my face felt like it was on fire and it was super swollen (my mom told me I looked like a sunburnt chipmunk). I went to the doctor and he told me I had had a dermatologic allergic reaction to the coconut oil and these allergies only happen with direct contact with the skin, I'm still fine to eat coconuts. I just found it so funny and I know I lot of us are not just conscious of how we eat and move but also how we take care of ourselves beauty wise - so I know it's an amazing ingredient, but maybe do a swatch test before lathering it on your face like me 🙈

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over 3 years

Oooh poor you. Sounds nasty xx

Jenny Quinn
over 3 years

Gosh hope you are ok xx

over 3 years

hope your skin is healing, and thanks for the heads up. 💖