Hi all, I've been really struggling recently. I'm pretty good food wise, stick to the principles of the guide, although a few bits of rogue sugar have crept in! But my big problem right now is exercise. It was so hot through August I suffered from a lot of headaches and on the days I didn't have a headache I was scared I'd bring one on if I worked out. Now feel stuck in a rut and really finding it hard to motivate myself to start again. Any tips? X

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over 3 years

Starting back on week 1 sounds good đź‘Ť

over 3 years

i totally sympathise with u ella. i took august off as it was way to hot here. sept is cooling down and i have started back with easy exercise...a short bike ride and some yoga...a few abs etc...and started back on wk 1 of the exercise....slowly but surely has worked for me. xx