Hi girls,

Has any of you ever taking vitamin d3 supplement? I ordered mine from National Remedies since it had really good reviews. However, I start checking on internet and I got a bit scared after reading that people have experienced different bad side effects after taking this. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and the last year i have done great progress as a result I don't want to mess with my anxiety.

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over 3 years

Hi Darian, thanks a lot for your comment. I ll follow your advice and ask my GP. 😃

over 3 years

First, congrats on getting better and keep on that progress! As for the supplement, both my parents in law are doctors and if I learned one thing from them is that you should always consult with a GP before you take even the most common supplement. Each body is different and reactions can be unexpected. I'm sure you'll be fine but do stay on the safe side. A full blood test tends to show any necessary supplementation and correct dosages. 😉