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I am so excited to invite you to the first Glow Guides Meet-up! This September 14th I'd love for some of the Glow Girls to join together and meet at Raw Press, I'll be hosting an exclusive Q&A and you are the first people to be invited.

After launching the Glow Guides App in January this year I have loved watching the Glow Guides community grow and how much support it offers to people trying to embrace a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Please join me for an intimate Q&A and an opportunity for you all to meet fellow Glow Girls (and Guys).

Tickets are £10 and include a Welcome Cocktail, delicious nibbles and Goody bag with Takeaway Juice all provided by Raw Press Juice

I can't wait to meet you all! Mxx

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about 2 years

I really want to come but pay day is too late for me to make it! Sounds amazing though 😊👍 xxx

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about 2 years

Aww I'm up north too. This sounds amazing xx

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Zara Barnes
about 2 years

I'm hoping to make it but I'm all the way up north! 😁

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about 2 years