Hi ladies! I've had the overnight cinnamon oats a few times now but they come out a bit watery. Do you have any recommendations for this recipe? Hope everyone's getting on well! Xx

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over 3 years

I use 250ml xx

over 3 years

Hi Jennz, sometimes I add a few buckwheat grouts to it which makes it a bit thicker xxx

over 3 years

Hi lovely. A little less milk. đź’›

over 3 years

I only put enough milk on to cover them and then add any extra in the morning to make it the right thickness for me - I like them quick thick. Also, if I'm adding frozen berries I defrost them in a separate tub overnight in the fridge, or in microwave in the morning, and add in the morning as I find adding into oats when frozen makes it really runny.

over 3 years

Use a thicker milk, or a bit less milk perhaps. Mine only ever have a tiny bit of excess liquid... I use 75g oats, 150ml of coconut/almond milk xx

Jenny Quinn
over 3 years

I use about 150mls of almond milk and fresh berries xx