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Origins is launching a new collection of powder face masks called RitualiTea. They are designed to help improve overall skin health while encouraging you to take some much-needed time out to #PressPause. I’ve created a simple meditation exclusive to Glow Guides to complement the new masks…so you can mask and meditate!

There are three collections in the range, Matcha Madness, Oolong La and Feeling Rosy – each mask is powered by antioxidant-rich tea leaves. The best news? You can try the masks out for free! For a limited time you can visit any Origins counter and pick up a sample.

You can also find the meditation in the Origins Tutorial folder in the Glow Guides Programme tab! Big kiss, Madeleine xxx

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Jacquie Cox
about 2 years

Ended my day with the meditation and will try the mask soon

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Hanne Marie
over 2 years

Started my day with this meditation. So beautiful. Thank you for this! Namaste🙏

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over 2 years

Is this available international (Canada)

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over 2 years

am just on my last night shift of the week and I think a face mask and meditation will be perfect to celebrate a weekend off!! xx

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over 2 years

Such a good idea to mask and meditate! I only did this for the first time last weekend! Matcha is my favourite too so I will be heading down on my lunch break tomorrow!
Loving the music to this too maddie X

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Gemma Johnson
over 2 years

I love Matcha! Excited to pick one up at weekend Xx

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Gabrielle Amelia Reeves
over 2 years

❤️💜💕❤️💜💕 can't wait!! Xxx

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over 2 years

Going to do this later never thought of face masking and meditating! 💆🏼